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We Grow Your Assets

The SPI Global fund has been set up to give investors access to the U.S. stock market and to benefit from the knowledge and expertise from our investment management team.
What We Do


We believe there is a window of opportunity for day trading  specific stocks and equity derivatives.

Taking profits in real time and closing out a minimum of  80% of our positions by day’s end.

Day trading stocks based on proprietary algorithms, developed by our investment team which have over 20 plus years experience in trading,  money management and investing.



Proprietary trading strategies and algorithms consistently produce positive returns in bull,  bear and highly volatile markets while minimizing downside risk.


Management has a track record of scaling start-ups into major industry leaders 


Hands on, no absentee management, business managers are company principals

Our management team is a unique combination of business creation and development skills entrepreneurial ingenuity and technical know-how creating synergies to support a  successful investment strategy.



Market conditions are subject to change and past  performance is no guarantee of future success.



  • General Partner: SPI GLOBAL

  • Fund: SPI GLOBAL (FGR)/SPI GLOBAL Foundation (legal owner of the assets)

  • Initial/Additional Investment Minimum: $250,000/$100,000

  • Subscription: monthly

  • Withdrawal: monthly

  • Fund Related Fee: 3% per annum management fee (paid quarterly based on daily asset net valuation)  All trading expenses covered by management fee.

  • Performance fee: 20% per annum (paid quarterly) subject to SMP beating

  • Prime Brokerage: Interactive Brokers LLC

  • Legal: Eversheds Sutherland (Netherlands) B.V

  • Tax: WTS World Tax Service B.V

  • Audit Baker Tilly

  • Administration: IQEQ

  • Managing Partner: Tini van der Voort, Kasia Woźnicka

  • Operations/Trading: Okan Atlan

  • Research and Analysts: Dawid Kobałko, Daniel Bądziński



Proprietary day trading of US stocks taking long and short positions and equity derivatives.


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